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We are full for Sukkot Florida 2024.

Please join us by staying nearby. Call or email

Cheryl for assistance with that

Thanks, Everybody.

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Join Us for Sukkot This Year:

September 17th to 23rd in the United Kingdom

October 16th to 24th in Orlando, Florida

Registration for either or both events is open now and you may request ​reservations through Jessica Knock and our United Kingdom Brethren at

Eating Wild Honey And Locusts


For Florida you may contact Cheryl at ThePlanetLexicon@gmail.com

Jessica Knock and Cheryl Rowe, called respectively to the ministries, Eatin’ Wild Honey ​& Locusts and Ozarks Torah Connection. The Father has called upon us to join ​together in proclaiming His Life and Love for us in the form of facilitating His special ​Gatherings and all the warmth and goodness that this entails. In the coming years we ​will be working together and seeking His guidance in facilitating these excellent times, ​anticipating extraordinary happenings from His abundance. That’s it. Very simply. Not ​about people or personalities, just His will as He reveals it. Together and supporting ​each other in this mission, we proclaim His work in our lives and through this ​Sisterhood. So, looking forward to the adventure and those we meet along the way. ​Shalom, shalom.

We are called to prepare a place for gathering to celebrate the harvest, it follows the ​time of self examination and repentance, tshuva, called Yom Kippur. The King is in the ​field. This gathering in Florida & UK is unique, not like most Sukkot settings, in that we ​are blessed with the extraordinary in an extraordinary place and where those who ​desire His Sukkot are welcomed, comfortable and enjoying this pure fellowship. Be ​aware, this particular gathering is only for those who are called to it, those who desire ​such fellowship in such a season and would not miss it for anything. As it was said on the ​road to Emaus, “Didn’t our hearts burn within us as He spoke?” Come celebrate with us ​if you feel the Father’s sincere calling.

If you desire to be apart of this or other gatherings but find it difficult to find funds or ​opportunity, get on your knees and pray about it and then call one of us. ​jessica@ewhal.co.uk or ThePlanetLexicon@gmail.com

Jessica Knock

Cheryl Rowe

About the feast of tabernacles, Sukkot, the Season of our Joy

In these last days, our Father continues to bless us with His favor and abundance and we look forwards to the Fall feasts, Rosh Ha Shanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot anticipating a set apart time to approach the King in the field with gratitude and to celebrate His Abundance. He requires we leave our homes and dwell in Sukkahs, temporary dwellings and designates High Holy days at day one and day 7, followed by a day of Simcha Torah, joy in the Torah. As we leave these days, we have endeavored to prepare for the year ahead.

With all this in mind, we are planning a unique gathering in the UK and also in the US. We will have a small group in Florida. We will stay together in two large houses and fill our time with prayer, fellowship & new connections. We will dwell together in this Season of Our Joy . If you are confident that the Father is calling you to join us, we are so happy to hear from you.

Featured Speakers and Teachers

Dr. Stephen Pidgeon England & Florida

Eddie Chumney England

Jon Hallum England

Chet Netherley Florida

Jessica Knock England & Florida

Drew Bolles Florida

Others to be Announced

Sukkot Gathering in the United Kingdom is presented by

Eatin’ Wild Honey and Locusts, the ministry of Yah through Jessica Knock

and in partnership with

Ozarks Torah Connection in the United States, the ministry of Yah through

Cheryl Rowe.

In Florida, we will be staying together in two large villa houses that have 14 bedrooms available of varying occupancy. Here are some photos of the houses. After the 14 available rooms are reserved with registration, other people who wish to be part of this event should look into the many places to stay in the Davenport, Florida area. (This is in the Orlando area) If demand is sufficient, we will consider securing an additional house.

Food will be catered and will

cost $30 per person, per day

and include 3 meals.

Kids Under 5 are FREE

Coffee Break


& Snacks

In this season of gratitude and giving from His Abundance and in anticipation of the abundance to come in the year ahead, please consider donating additionally to cover individual needs that may present.

Expenses to cover 8 days:

Registration ...

*Family (max 5 people) $225.00

*Couple $225.00

*Single Person or Day Visitor $100

Room Accomodation for 8 days:

Family $1200

Couple $1000

Individual in Shared Room $400

Food $240 per person, free up to age 5

*All Payments are Non Refundable

Breakfast: Continental Breakfast including muffins, toast, boiled ​eggs, fruit, cereal and milk

Lunch: Soup or Salad and Deli Sandwiches

Dinner is catered in and we will not be preparing individual meals (sorry, ​we cannot accommodate special diets- most anything one might choose ​on a diet is available in the evening spread)

Day One: Gourmet Pizza, Salad

Day Two: Roast Chicken, Baked Potato, Broccoli

Day Three: Taco Bar and Enchiladas

Day Four: Cookout, Hot dogs & Hamburgers, Salad and Watermelon

Day Five: Erev Shabbat Meal with Challah Bread and Grape Juice; ​Spaghetti, Meatballs, Cole Slaw, Ice Cream

Day Six: Shabbat Evening- Roast Chicken, Roasted Carrots, potatoes, ​onions, Hawaiian Bread

Day Seven: Pizza, Salad

Day 8: Mexican Bar

All DAY Coffee/ Tea /Beverage Bar and Snacks

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We are also available to ​provide learning and ​research bundles , as ​requested & curated for ​you.

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provided at significant

discount at Sukkot.

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